Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Looking for SkinCancerRibbon.org?

Many of our readers have inquired about the status of our SkinCancerRibbon.org site. Due to technical difficulties, the site is currently down; however, we have established a [temporary] blog where the latest information regarding the National Skin Cancer Awareness ribbon will be posted. That blog is located at the following URL:


Additionally, a variety of previous posts contain a lot of valuable information regarding the National Skin Cancer Awareness Symbol - and how to get your official pin. So, feel free to surf this blog. If you have any additional questions about the ribbon, the book, and/or our organization, you can send an email to: info@cancercrusaders.org

We should be posting information about winter sun safety and other valuable tips/tools shortly, so keep your eyes peeled. Remember, sun safety is a year-round affair. We invite you to read previous posts and learn more!

The Cancer Crusaders Organization.