Sunday, February 4, 2007

Official Date of Book Debut Announced!

At long last, the long anticipated book ONLY SKIN DEEP? An Essential Guide to Skin Cancer Programs and Resources will be debuting on May 1, 2007 (just in time for national "Skin Cancer Awareness" month).

I have received numerous emails about this book - so many that it has been difficult to respond to each of them in prompt, timely manner. Therefore, I decided that creating a blog specifically dedicated to addresses the various skin cancer-related issues that are outlined in the book, and therby create a forum by which I can answer each of your questions (perhaps, even, ignite a few intellectual discussions!)

At any rate, the most common question I have been asked lately is "When is this skin cancer resource guide finally going to be published?" The answer is in just over two months, on May 1, 2007. You will be able to purchase copies via and You can also pre-order copies from The Cancer Crusaders Organization (our Web-sites will be under construction, so if you want to pre-order copies, send me an email at or call 801.863.6351).

Thank you to our friends and partners at Del-Ray Dermatologicals, the makers of Blue Lizard Australian Sunscream (the best sunscreen on the planet) for their support and generosity. Copies of ONLY SKIN DEEP? An Essential Guide to Skin Cancer Programs and Resources will be donated to each of the melanoma foundations throuhgout the United States, as well as each of the universities located in the high-risk states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and Utah. Furthermore, proceeds from the distribution and circulation of the book, will go to support continued skin cancer prevention education programs and toward furthering melanoma research.

Thank you for your interest in the book, and, moreover, for supporting the fight against skin cancer.

Stay tuned for more news, information, and updates here on the official blog for the ONLY SKIN DEEP? book.

Danielle M. White


Janell said...

Equally important, will there be any book signings and is there a method of purchase that provides more proceeds to UCC than other methods?

Danielle said...

Tentatively, a book signing coupled with a skin cancer/sun safety education event is scheduled for August.

As for additional methods of the purchasing the book other than, Barnes and Noble, and Borders - people can purchase books from or they can purchase books directly from us at The Cancer Crusaders Organization (it does cost a few dollars more to order it directly from us, but a larger amount goes directly to the cause!)

Thanks for the excellent questions, Janell!