Monday, March 12, 2007

An anxious author airs it all out

I received an email from my publisher today that said "everything with the book is going extremely well, and you should receive your first copy of the book within two weeks." She was referring to the type-setting, formatting, and binding of the book. I did, however, ask to make a few extra corrections (for the sake of accuracy and in legal purposes - I want to make sure proper photo credits, are given, and quotes are cited. I am desperately paranoid that I may have, however unintentional, inadvertently missed something pertinent or pressing along the way which strikes panic within my bosom and forces me to wake up in terror intermittently through the night. Yes, indeed, I am a worry wart! Ask anyone and they will attest to this fact). In doing so, I may, have pushed that back another week. Nevertheless, the point is that I will have a tangible copy of the published book arrive at my door step within a matter of weeks.

I think my friends, and fellow Cancer Crusaders, are more excited than I am about the forthcoming book. I, on the other hand, am petrified. This is not to say that the ONLY SKIN DEEP? is not a worthwhile resource guide. It is certainly is a worthwhile educational resource on skin cancer. It is not the book itself that I doubt, it is, well, the anxiety of an author who stands on the threshold of her very first book being published. Oh, and, there is my incessant worry. I am like a mother who always wonders if she remembered to include a comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date list of instructions and contact information for her child's baby-sitter. Did I remember to include that? Did I give her the right phone number? Because, if not, something could go seriously wrong and I have, therefore, failed...

I break into sweats and shutter at the thought that I neglected to give proper credit, or neglected to fix a typo, or that there are any mistakes in the book - however slight they may be. I am a perfectionist. My best friend told me recently "Danielle, if there is a typo, and I'll be honest, there are typos, it's okay. Everything will turn out, Danielle. Don't worry. You put everything you have into this book. And, if there are mistakes in this book, you can always make it right in the second edition." Don't you just love how Heavenly Father places certain, specific people in our lives? Knowing that I am a worrywart, He sent me a buddy who is a perpetual optimist.

Speaking of optimism -

On a bright note, I set out to write a book about skin cancer and, against all the odds and amid the trials, the book has been written and will debut in a few weeks.

Thank you all those who helped make this book possible. Thank you, Melissa, of course, to Blue Lizard Australian Suncream (best sunscreen on the planet), and to each of the melanoma foundations who dedicate their time, talents, and their lives to fighting this disease. Thank you to each of YOU. With you, this book would not have been possible.

With Gratitude,

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