Monday, September 10, 2007

How YOU can help someone fight melanoma

Our friends and colleagues at the Melanoma International Foundation asked us to help raise money for melanoma patients in need of care, treatment, and support.

Many insurance companies do not cover melanoma skin cancer surgery or treatments, and if you have ever had a loved one battle cancer you know the devastation chemo can cause physically, emotionally, and even financially.

That said, The Cancer Crusaders Organization is helping the MIF raise money to provide support for families touched by melanoma--the most aggressive and deadliest form of skin cancer.

Please take a few seconds to read the story they just emailed me, and consider lending your support:

"Joe* and Mary* are two teachers in their thirties with three young children (pictured above). They never dreamed that they would be dealing with a serious illness in the prime of their lives. Joe was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma and immediately found himself in the fight of his life. After dealing with various chemo regimens locally, he wasn’t getting better. His best chance for the state of the art treatment options was to go to a top melanoma treatment center, a plane trip away. His wife called the hotline and discussed available treatments and how to make Joe’s fight worthy of their efforts. A hotline staffer at the Melanoma International Foundation listened to Mary’s fears and offered her comfort and support. Within days, arrangements were made for a flight to match his appointment at the treatment center and a comfortable hotel room nearby was booked. Joe is now equipped with the best resources to fight his disease and his specialist is working with the local oncologist to try another approach to fight his melanoma. Just as important, Joe and Mary have found constant support at MIF to answer their questions, listen to their fears and work with them as they travel on this difficult journey."

Regardless of your budget, you can make a difference for these patients. Please review the information below and see if any of the tax deductible donation levels match your ability to help us help others.

$10.00 - Gives a patient or family member a complimentary Skin Cancer Awareness pin courtesy of The Cancer Crusaders Organization.

$30.00 - Gives a newly diagnosed melanoma patient a complimentary copy of Catherine Poole's book Melanoma: Prevention, Detection and Treatment (2005 Yale University Press)courtesy of the MIF.

$45.00 - Gives a patient's family a supply of Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen courtesy of The Cancer Crusaders Organization.

$50.00 - - Gives a newly diagnosed melanoma patient, in addition to Poole's book, complimentary copy of the special edition version of ONLY SKIN DEEP? An Essential Guide to Effective Skin Cancer Programs and Resources by Danielle M. White (which originally debuted #2 on in March 2007) coming soon through The Cancer Crusaders Organization.

$60.00 - Covers a weeks worth costs of maintaining a 24/7 live patient support hotline via the MIF.

$400.00 - Covers a patient's flight to treatment and one nights hotel stay courtesy of the MIF.

$600.00 - Full patient sponsorship through the MIF.

Please send your tax-deductible charitable contribution to:

The Cancer Crusaders Organization
PO Box 2076 Provo, Utah 84603

(Note: In the memo box, please specify "Patient Support" and we will make sure your donation is earmarked and delivered accordingly).

You can also contact the MIF directly at to inquire about their specific programs, such as the Patient Support Program.

Thank you for support! Every bit helps saves lives from this deadly, but PREVENTABLE disease!

Yours in the fight,
Danielle M. White
The Cancer Crusaders Organization

PS: Please note that any of the items that read "courtesy of" are items offered specifically through that particular organization. All donations for the MIF Patient Support Program will be given to the MIF for that expressed purpose. For questions about how The Cancer Crusaders Organization is helping the MIF raise funds for patient care/support, please send an email to Thank you, and remember to be SunSavvy!


Anonymous said...


This is Scarlet's mom again. I have a question. I tried to order your book at amazon .com and the message said it wasn't available. How can I get a copy? I definitely want to buy multipul copies of the new verison when it comes out. However, I would like one of the first ones too.

Also, Dr. Rex Amonette and I met last week. His group was our title sponsor for the Run from the Sun Memphis 5K. He said that he knew you. It is a small world isn't it? He is so nice and I think we will be partnering with them again next year on our race. He had very nice things to say about you too.

Take care,


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