Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get a FREE Sun Safety Shirt - NOW!

Sun safety doesn't mean you have to keep the kids cooped up inside all summer long; rather, effectively protecting them from over-exposure to UV rays. More than 95% of skin cancers are caused by over-exposure to UV rays. Therefore, this ever-growing cancer is largely preventable – if we are proactive about protecting ourselves and our children. This means proactive, year-round (and daily) sun safety! (Refer to previous Blog posts about sun safety for kids and the danger of ultraviolet radiation.)

In addition to properly applying sunscreen every day (even on cloudy and cold days), leading dermatologists at the American Academy of Dermatology recommend wearing quality sun protective clothing. The sun protective clothing available through UVSkinz.com is rated at UPF 50+ (the highest rating) which blocks out >97.5% of UV rays. It’s equivalent to an SPF 30 sunscreen. Together, the proper application of an effective broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen (like Blue Lizard Sensitive or Baby) and wearing quality UPF 50+ sun protective clothing (like those available at UVSkinz.com) provides superb UV protection.

In effort to help families teach their children about the importance of sun safety, UVSkinz.com will be giving away one free UV protective shirt to each family from now until the end of June. UV Skinz founder, Rhonda Sparks, is giving away a free sun protective shirt to honor her husband, Darren, whom she lost to melanoma. Darren, a father of three young children, was only 32-year-old when malignant melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – claimed his life. June commemorates his birthday.

So, from now until June 30th, get a free UV protective shirt for your family through UVSkinz.com. For more information, send an email to: info@uvskinz.com. This is a great opportunity get your hands on quality sun protective apparel this summer! And, don’t forget to apply the sunscreen! (Read previous Blog posts about proper sunscreen application.)

Stay tuned for more information about tips and tools to help educate your children/family about effective sun protection.

Note: The free sun-safe shirt give-away is exclusively through UVSkinz.com. For information and other details, please visit their site. The give-away will go until June 30, 2008. Please take note of the rules regarding the give-away when logging on to www.UVSkiz.com. (The shirts are free with ANY purchase). Please contact UV Skinz for more details.

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