Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SunSavvy Baby

Today is one of those days that made me smile.

First, as I was riding my bike to work I noticed a lady who cleans the bike path and cares for all the plants. In truth, I have seen this lady several times in the past couple of weeks. Each time I see her, I think to myself: Why doesn't she have a hat and any sunscreen? She's going to fry. So, I gave her a small tube of Blue Lizard Australian Sunscream, told her how important it was/is for her to protect her skin from the intense Utah sun, and thanked her for maintaining the bike path. The plants and treats always look so lovely.

Incidentally, several hours later, while at work, one of my co-workers sent me the following link:
"I saw this thing about sunburns and immediately thought 'this is something Danielle would enjoy'" It definitely drives the message home about the dangers of sunburns! Thanks, Tom!

A few minutes later my friend and fellow cancer crusader, Margaret, sent me an instant message that said "check out of friend Josh's blog." So, I logged into Josh's blog and read a fictional story about a scientist trying to save the world from sunburns by finding the miracle of SPF. I have not seen or talked to Josh in two years, so it was random that he wrote a blog entry about SPF and the dangers of the sun! Nevertheless, I got a good chuckle of out it!

And for the grand finale...

A few minutes ago I decided to surf the net and give my eyes a break from a long day of editing. I was looking to see if my old friend and former cancer crusader, John, had a family website. His daughter, Ruby, just turned one and I had been thinking about her for several days - wondering how the family was doing in Arizona. Behold, I found John's wife's blog and that is when I found a picture of Ruby in the sun protective swimsuit I gave her (before she was even born!) Ruby is the most darling SunSavvy Baby on the planet. Check Ruby out as she poses for her first public service announcement about the importance of protecting youngsters from the sun! Is she not the next Water Baby? (or should I say the next Baby Blue Lizard?)

Needless to say, though I am a "skin cancer geek" as Margaret would say (heck, I have been debating whether or not to send a box of sunscreen to Melissa's dad, since he runs a pool cleaning business and I know that he turns black from the Texas sun during this time of year!); it makes me smile to know that some of the preaching about sun safety makes a difference. (Too bad the guys at work still haven't touched the gallon pump of Blue Lizard sunscreen that I bought for the office!)

Be SunSavvy,

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