Friday, April 20, 2007

Only Skin Deep? is a Hot Hit

All the training I learned in college public relations classes has taught me that you should check the status of recent news releases, press releases, and other information about your organization (or, in this case, your recently published book) on the internet, in newspapers, and other forms of media. You should track what people are saying, and how well the word is "getting out there" to the public.

So, for a couple of minutes each day this week I have been performing Google searches about the Only Skin Deep? book. Among the interesting items I found, the one that threw me for a loop (in a good way, that is) was this:

The book is listed #2 in "Best Selling New Releases" on in the category of skin ailments.

My co-workers here at Prosper claim the #1 book was probably featured on Oprah and that's why it is ranked as the top best-seller. (Aren't these men great cheerleaders? They like to torment me relentlessly by calling me the "Cancer Girl" and threatening to come to work with fresh, crisp tans, but ultimately they are very supportive of my skin cancer crusading. How wonderful is that?)

At any rate, I thought you would all like to know that, after only three weeks, Only Skin Deep? is ranked #2 on for "Best Selling New Releases" in the category of skin ailments, as of Wednesday.

Have you purchased YOUR copy of Only Skin Deep? If so, let me know what YOU think.

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