Monday, April 9, 2007

The Word is Getting Out

My publisher sent me the first printed copies of the book. They arrived Friday afternoon. (How fitting, since that was the day I had two suspicious and potentially cancerous moles removed by the dermatologist!)

Upon opening the box, I had to stare at the cover for a few minutes. There was my name, and my best friend's name, plus the National Skin Cancer Awareness Symbol, on the cover of a published book. Weird.

I then walked to campus to meet up with Melissa, and personally hand deliver a copy to her.

I think she was (is) more excited about the book than I am.

In all honesty, it hasn't quite "sunk in" that we wrote a book. We published a book about skin cancer. We did it. The book is here.

And it would appear that the word is getting out, despite the fact that the official launch date isn't scheduled until May 1st.

Our friends and colleagues at Blue Lizard Australian Suncream emailed me to let me know that they found the book on So, I decided to do a search for it via Google. Here are the links, where YOU can purchase your very own copy of Only Skin Deep? An Essential Guide to Skin Cancer Programs and Resources. (Simply cut and paste the URL into your Web browsers).

To purchase the book from Barnes and Noble:

To purchase the book from

To purchase the book fro A1 Books:

Or, if you prefer, you can order a personalized autographed copy from us directly, which will include a complementary Skin Cancer Awareness pin, by sending a check made out to "Cancer Crusaders" (it's tax deductible) in the amount of $25.00. Please send it to us at:

The Cancer Crusaders Organization
PO BOX 2076 Provo, Utah 84603

For more information, questions, comments, etc., please feel free to email us at

Thank you for supporting the fight against skin cancer. We hope that this book will serve as a vital tool in helping protect you, and your loved ones, from a future skin cancer diagnosis. We hope, too, that the young adults - the college students - for whom we wrote the book, will find it to be a source of useful, applicable information and that the book will inspire them to become actively engaged in the cause.

Thank you, again! Be SunSavvy.


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