Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Notorious D.M.W.

While taking a walk through the little restaurants and shops neighboring my place of employment, I noticed an attractive young gentleman staring at me as I walked into a new restaurant; it was lunch time and the thought of a hearty, healthy salad was tantalizing my taste buds on this hot summer day. The gentleman followed me into the store and walked up to the register. Imagine my surprise when I discovered his family owned the restaurant. Imagine my shock when he said, "Aren't you Danielle White? I remember you! You were on student government and did Miss UVSC. I remember you because you did all that cancer stuff." Then, he proceeded to reference (by pointing) to the Skin Cancer Awareness hat that I was wearing. "I know you're Danielle White because you're the only person I know who would sport Skin Cancer Awareness hat. So, obviously you still do the cancer crusading thing. That's awesome. My name is Nick. We had a mutual friend named Jessica Beck and Brittany Wiscombe, and she would just go on about your cancer crusading stuff."

Well, that explains why a cute guy was eying me as a made my way down the sidewalk. (And to think it was the little bounce in my strut that lured him toward me. I should have known it was my ultra-fashionable Skin Cancer Awareness hat. Indeed, that hat is a fashion must!)

As I ordered a delicious strawberry-mandarin orange-chicken salad, we discussed sun safety and why it is especially important in Utah, old memories from college, how I made a fool of myself during my first attempt at Miss UVSC, and how the National Skin Cancer Awareness Symbol came to be (thanks, Natalie).

And, as you would have guessed, I slipped Nick a sample of Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen along with a tip. (I almost gave him my number, as well, but I deferred. That is twice in two weeks that I have done that now! I never knew that fighting skin cancer would earn my conversation privileges with attractive men. Though, I wouldn't necessarily consider Gary Coleman part of that club. I've just been trying to protect people from the world's most common cancer!)

Be SunSavvy,
Danielle M. White

PS: To learn more about sunscreen, sun safety, and the National Skin Cancer Awareness Symbol pick up a copy of my book ONLY SKIN DEEP? and support the cause. Thank you!

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