Monday, August 13, 2007

You Might Be a SunSavvy Geek if...

My friends and co-workers like to joke with me about being a "SunSavvy Geek". To be honest, I am rather fond of the nickname (probably because I can't dispute the fact that I am, indeed, a SunSavvy Geek).

What makes a person a bonafide SunSavvy Geek? Well, persons who qualify for a such a designation possess several of the following characteristics mentioned below and/or demonstrate distinct behaviors marked by a zealous desire to teach others about skin cancer prevention. As a result, you have been branded, by friends and kinfolk, as a SunSavvy Geek. Individuals who may be considered for such a designation or diagnosis, may consider the following criterion:

* People can recognize you from a block away by catching a glimpse of your Skin Cancer Awareness hat.

* You wear the Skin Cancer Awareness pin on your lapel every single day for three consecutive years.

* You carry sunscreen samples in your purse and freely disburse them to the masses as if they were Halloween candy (even at Church).

* You buy a gallon pump of Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen and place it by the front door of your apartment so as to make daily application a more convenient part of daily your life, and the daily lives of your room-mates. As such, your best friend writes in the afterword of your first book on skin cancer: "[it was] to the chagrin of interior decorators everywhere..."

* You buy a gallon pump of Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen and it place in your office at work (and neither one of the eight gentleman you work with have ever touched it, but you still hold on to the hope that they will...soon).

* One of your favorite topics of conversation is the proper use of sunscreen, and skin cancer prevention comes up in nearly every conversation.

* You send safety care packages to your buddy's dad who runs a successful pool cleaning/maintenance business.

* You give sun safety clothing as baby shower gifts.

* You host a radio talk show on skin cancer every week for two years and still found new issues/items to talk about.

* You have been to Chicago and D.C. because you were invited to participate in sun safety events and/or dermatology conferences.

* During a 15 minute break at work you write a blog on skin cancer (despite the fact that you write all-day everyday at work).

* You hand-painted the National Skin Cancer Awareness Ribbon Symbol on 200 Christmas ornaments for family members touched by skin cancer.

* You are obsessed with all things orange (and are wearing a brand-new orange top as we speak).

* You see a poster in student housing promoting unlimited use of indoor tanning beds and make a fuss about it.

* Your friends introduce you to other people by saying: "This is my friend Danielle, she runs a non-profit called The Cancer Crusaders Organization which teaches people about skin cancer prevention, and serves as the proud home of the National Skin Cancer Awareness Symbol" all in the same breath.

* You spend your free-time teaching skin cancer, writing books about skin cancer, run a non-profit organization devoted to skin cancer (all voluntarily) just for the sheer LOVE of it all.

So, are you a SunSavvy Geek, too? If so, let me know... I would love to hear from a kindred spirit.

Yours in the fight,

PS: Don't worry - while my friend, in the picture above, may not be wearing a Skin Cancer Awareness hat at the pool, she is armed with ample amounts of Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen and is standing under an umbrella for shade! (Friends don't let friends go outside without Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen!)

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